All of our services are customized to match your requirements. During our setup consultation, we will assess your company's needs, and how best we can serve you. Below you will find some items that we offer as part of our primary virtual Bookkeeping services, as well as additional services that we offer.

Computer with financial information

Virtual Bookkeeping

  • Ensure that all of your transactions are recorded properly.
  • Prepare and present financial statements on a monthly basis:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Regular communication via email, and scheduled calls via phone or video conference.
  • Subscription to Quickbooks Online and other online services included as a part of your service.

Additional Services

  • Accounts Payable - We can assist with sending invoices and following up on them.
  • Accounts Receivable - We can watch what money you owe, and assist in paying it off.
  • Budgeting - We work with you to establish a spending plan so that you aren't wasting your income in places it doesn't really need to go.
  • Web Design - Get a website built for yourself or your small business! This could be a portfolio page, a website for a small business, or a full web application.
  • Remote PC Repair - Is your computer running slow, or acting strangely? We offer remote PC Repair for Windows and Mac, from basic cleanup to full virus removal.
  • New PC Consultation and Setup - Are you getting ready to buy a new computer? We can assist in finding a new PC or Mac that meets your needs, and then set it up for you remotely with all the software that you want.